Puke N Rally / Press

“Under da black flag (PyratePunx Zine) Thank ye all for attending last nights Argghhcore, as well Congratz to Puke N Rally for winning the 2011 Arghcore championships. As well all bands that played where extremly awesome and the crowd was in high spirits. As well congrats to Kenny Weiss "Da Anchor" stepping up to be Captain (main cardinator) and Freddie Cabral steping up ta Kennys old duty as Quarter Master, I now am full tyme Chief so I may be able to focus on those duties which has been very hard to be able to juggle. I well still be booking shows, not as much for OPP and OPP still will be my homeport crue. I got my gold watch! As well congrats ta Julio Fudgefullnames For earning his sea legs, much well deserved. Thank you all, hope someone recorded my spech.”