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""Veterans of the Drug War"! Awesome!"

artists - LPB Band

"I want you to make a visual record of this... we killed it!"

AnonymousLee - artist

“Slick beats; well composed. Talent, in my humble opinion. Best of luck to you.”

DeadLazy - artist

"Great stuff--reminds me of old MBM with a little Tricky mixed in..."

Blindspin - artist

"Tyranny of the Now is bloody tremendous. So diggin' this!"

Sills & Smith - artist

“Hot remix with the 'Psybernetics' joint. Love the way you used the big string section.”

Akmuk - artist

“Awesome ! "American Trance" and "Tyranny Of The Now" are excellent !”

Foxman - artist

“TYRANNY OF THE NOW is a revolution of wavy messages that attack the dark forces of the evil souls. AMAZING WORK PSIONTIST!”

Carlos Mongrut - artist

“The future is indeed for those who take it... Dig the sounds, and the message!”

Clan Brujah - artist

“Holy C is tight!”

Akmuk - artist

“Great Stuff! See review on: www.systemculture.org”

"Goddamn! That's some damn nice work!"

Drug Sick Hero - artist

"Your sound is off the hook!"

Breakout Theodore - artist

"Really fat sonic fiction..."

Maxmus - artist

"This music makes me feel real good!"

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