Pauline Edwards / Press

"...I'm sticking with my 'female rootsy Nirvana...' whatever you call it, it's purdy darn cool"

James Kasper - Musician

"Psychedelic Folk: inspirational like Tim Buckley"

Dr. Marshall Baer - Fan, Victoria BC

"A rich earthy tone, lyrical phrasing, compelling melodies, sonic paintings. Like someone dreamed ancestral songs and then sang the dream."

Vikki Flawith - The Shy Singer

"Beat poetry meets sultry jazz fusion, with alternative rock as a backbone, Pauline Edwards creates melodic and poignant soundscapes, linking her poetry with the dissonant sounds of strings and guitar. Her voice is the centrifugal force that brings all these elements together."

Kim Deness-Thomas - Tumbleweeds Theatre

"It's a Westcoast Alternative Fusion of Original Folk, Rock and Jazz! While the addictive pulsating rhythmic melodies entice you to wanting so much more...the enchanting and original vocals styles of this expressive singer draw you deep into a sensuous symphonic bliss."

Hon Chow - Blastoff Studios