Prydein / Press

"a vigorous, kilt-raising romp that will no doubt thrill Celtic-rock fans"

“I hate bagpipes. Passionately. And I know I’m not alone.”

"It's celtic rock, only they do it way better than most of their peers"

Bob Dinan - WRUV Celtic Radio

"These fine musicians have one foot planted firmly in the past, while the other tries to kick the future's ass."

"Okay, who put the jalapenos in the haggis?"

"Prydein blend their originals seamlessly with traditional tunes and, while most of the disc is instrumental, Garceau lends his warm and effective voice to several tracks. Mac Harg handles most of the melodies here and his impeccable playing is at the core of the band's sound."

"The fun had on this album is apparent in the energy the musicians call forth as they play and the choices they made in selecting what to mix. You don't have to have seen them play to know that these guys have a really good time blending their sound together and learning from each other while they do it. Each style remains true, yet they are blended in a realistic and enjoyable way. Good stuff!"

"Although the band does dip a toe into the pools of funk, ska, rockabilly, metal, and of course, Celtic music, they are at their heart a rock band."