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“We recently had the opportunity to interview Prueph Partiology, a local Charlotte DJ & recent winner of the Audiosyrup competition. Learn more about Prueph & how he got his start in the scene below. Billionaires - What’s the symbolism behind your production name, “Prueph Partiology?” How did you come up it? Prueph - While attending NC State University I was asked, ‘What are you studying?’ I replied, ‘I’m here to party, so I guess I’m studying Partiology.’ That’s how I came up with the name of my production company. I came up with ‘Prueph’ after going through a few different DJ names. I started my career as ‘Meatball,’ which was a nickname I had growing up. I changed it to ‘Pimp P’ after [Fuzz] threw a party called, ‘Pimping Ain’t Easy’… and had ‘Pimp P’ put on the flyer. I used it for about a year & then switched it to ‘The Partiologist’ after hanging up my pimp hat & taking a little time off as a DJ to finish up my journalism degree. I”

“If you like to party check this guy out Prueph Partiology LIVE now on www.The-Lost-Art.com. He is ripping it up! Get your asses in the chat!”

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“Find the Prueph you need on the One and Only Lost Art TV. Prueph Partiology is on the ones and twos live bringing that goodness..followed by the legendary D.j. Stylus show and BYBB Bruise Your Body Breaks with one of my mentors Natural Nate and the man Mike D. Thursday night on TLA. Come Experience it.”

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“Watching ur pod cast sick bro. To all that see this page. this guy is sick on the decks. He gets 3 kewl points and two thumbs up. Hell of a job!”

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“Check it out. My man Prueph Partiology is jamming out right now. D.j. Stylus is coming up in a little over an hour on www.the-lost-art.com. Write that down. Save it to your favorites. Also, big thanks to the sponsors that make it happen too. Here are some selections from the djs. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/TLA-Suggestions-for-Professional-DJ-Mixers/ci/19115/N/4106338729/BI/8421/KBID/7296 Hit me up for some personal recommendations anytime. I'll always be happy to help. :)”

“http://the-lost-art.com/live/ Prueph droppin boomz live right now!”