Provy Suflayy / Press

“Provy Suflayy has temporarily postponed the World Peace Tour to go on a quest. The World Peace Tour will return shortly.”

“Provy Suflayy is an amazing performer and a very talented artist!”

Harriet - The Osti

“It's nice to watch someone who still feeds off their emotions in this day and age.”

“He's always VIP on the mic at my functions”

“Provy Suflayy is so talented that he makes rapping look easy.”

“A nice blend of street rawness and intelligence.”

“This kid has that Wu-tang sword sharpness!”

“One of the Realist N*ggas I have ever met.”

“I cant find the words to describe what his live performance did to me.”

“His live performance is hardcore!”

“Neo Renaissance best describes Provy Suflayy.”

“I believe Provy Suflayy will get a record deal according to his own standards. He is too great of a recording artist be left running wild in this music industry jungle.”

“One of the greatest writers and most creative artist I have ever met.”

“Provy Suflayy makes love to the fans spirit through music.”

“U.l.t.r.a.man aka Provy Suflayy. What made this superhero turn chef? Probably his taste for music.”

“He's my hero.”

“Provy Suflayy is one of the greatest rappers ever to pick up a microphone. So much versatility is his story telling makes him a fun and exciting emcee to watch live.”

“Provy Suflayy was the Legendary Underground artist known as Ultraman who was captivating fans all throughout the North Bay area for the last 10 years. From the moment he spit his first verse on stage, I was a die hard fan. I can't wait to hear this new Provy Suflayy concept.”

“Provy Suflayy is a Living Legend who is clearly ahead of his time. I look foward to hearing his name in the press more and more in the near future.”