Proving Ground Music: Red Chord / SCHNOCKERED / Second Balcony Jump / Press

“...Yes, it’s true. The beer slurping, glass breaking, table flipping sounds of Boston’s premier party band, Schnockered, is set to relive the glory days of yore for one night only. Adoring fans are already packing their station wagons, icing their road sodas, and stretching out their vintage Schnockered T’s in preparation for the pilgrimage to the Precinct Bar in Somerville, MA on June 22nd. And just when you think it can’t get better it does just that. The boys have spent some serious time at the studio (Q Division) putting together their 3rd recording set to release the night of the event. This recording promises to be as raucous and entertaining as anything they’d released in the 90′s. I had the chance to sit with the band and chat about how Schnockered came to be, why the attraction to big American cars, and how many chords are too many.”