Proverbial / Press

“Light Jah fire, sit back and skank to a wonderful reggae evening with Proverbial and Easy Star All-Stars. First up was Proverbial, hailing from Virginia to show the south how they get down. Breezing through countless originals, Proverbial demonstrated their unique soulful sound, dragging you closer like a magnet when you hear the horns blast”

“Proverbial has named their second album Pick Up The Pieces. Gerry feels that the album crystallizes Proverbial's positive approach going forward. "I am proud of this album for many reasons, but the single most is that despite our turbulent year, the overall vibe is positivity. When things seem their darkest and nothing is going your way, patience and determination will always see you through. Always." This is also the lyrical theme on display in "New John," the exclusive advance track from Pick Up The Pieces that we're premiering today. Over a solid reggae groove laid down by Gerry and drummer Ryan Harlowe, saxophonist Thomas Whitesell and keyboardist Phil Walker lay down some sweet melody lines. This is really singer/guitarist Mike Keeter's show, though, and he wails and hollers with a soulful, bluesy delivery. "I never mind what it takes to move past another mistake," he sings on the song's chorus, celebrating triumph over struggle and adversity.”

“Proverbial is a well-rounded and talented group. Their business sense and work ethic has afforded them the many spoils of an unconscious battle waged against knee-jerk assumptions and in favor of their broad sound spectrum and difficult-to-pigeonhole musical style. They pride themselves on their infectious rhythms and positive vibes, which radiate with every public performance.”

“​It’s been a while since I’ve seen Proverbial, and I was promptly reminded that they do not fuck around. The joint was packed shoulder to shoulder for the commanding seven-piece. Now, most of us are familiar with Proverbial, but last Wednesday I saw a much more rocking side of the traditionally funkier band. Oh yeah, there are also tons of hot chicks at Proverbial shows. That helps too. Keep your ears peeled for Proverbial’s new material. They are a verifiable sauce-faucet. ”

“Proverbial’s new album is one of those rare gems that can be played from beginning to end without the need to skip a single song.”

"Proverbial rocked as always. They were our Rock-Off Champion and have gotten better each and every week they preformed. These guys are going to be huge one day, so seeing them in Richmond at the National will soon be a novelty. Mark my word"

“One of the "Ten Bands You Should Know", a list of local upcoming bands generated by WDYL y101.”

"The newly minted septet took a risk and won (...) proving the crowd response to their blend of rock, hip-hop, and reggae was no fluke."

"Four AWESOME bands. To say the least. Proverbial definitely showed why they were the Y101 Rock-Off Champs this year. Got the crowd pumped and got props on stage from every other band on the bill."