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“Protoje supports the Arts through LIVE FROM KINGSTON”

“PROTOJE delivers from Behind The Screen”

“8th Year Affair Drops January”

““Right after my Sumfest performance, I got a call from Don (Corleon),” Protoje explained. “He basically said ‘well done, welcome to the music fraternity.’””

“Since his emergence on the local music scene last summer, budding reggae artist Oje Ollivierre, otherwise known as Protoje, has made quite an impression on Caribbean music lovers as well as industry insiders. ”

"The entire performance was one of the most memorable occasions in the history of Acropolis," said Brian George, President and CEO of Supreme Ventures, which owns the establishment. "The size of the crowd speaks for itself but what is more significant is the positive vibes that Protoje generates on stage."