Prospect Hill / Press

"The first time I saw Prospect Hill play I became an instant fan. They tear it up live and have the music to back it up.. Sweat, energy and songs.. What else do you need?"

Elias Soriano (Singer of Nonpoint)

"Bands that eat, drink, sleep, live, and sweat rock 'n roll are quite rare in these days of Cookie-cutter paint by numbers prefab pretty boys..... Prospect Hill is not afraid to take chances in blazing a new path for themselves in a alt/rock/pop vein. For old and new fans of real rock 'n roll this is a must-see artist! Their single "come alive " could be the next James Bond theme. Check them out!!"

Anthony J Resta (Multi-Platinum Record Producer)

"Prospect Hill is exactly the type of band the scene desperately needs right now! Great songs and a killer live show … proud to be a fan"

Kyle Winterstein (Digital Summer Singer)

"Prospect Hill is a hard working, energetic, passionate, and engaging band that deserves to be heard/seen. Great guys across the board, check them out."

Mike DeWolf (Taproot Guitarist)

"This band knows how to engage and entertain an audience. And they're damn tight too with spot on vocals ! See'em and you will understand."

- Dave Loncoe (Union Entertainment Group)

“Bright Prospects: Local rockers booked to perform at Gillette Stadium”

"absolutely tailor-made for radio stations.” They are a rock band, but gather influence from all genres. Their sound can range from heavy metal to pop rock…something they like to call “metal-odic.”

“Make sure to pick up Prospect Hill’s self-titled release when it hits stores on September 25th; you will be blown away.”