"Overall, Prosody have put together a solid release that they should be extremely proud of. The Dawn of Brutality packs a wallop and satisfies multiple metal-genre cravings. If the band continue on with the current song-writing process and style, and pay a wee bit more attention to the production of their next record, I’m sure it’ll be amazing as well. I, for one, cannot wait to hear it!"

““United as One” pushes the chorus more into the Melodic Death Metal territory thanks to some of the leads, primarily around the start. The Thrash Metal roots cannot be ignored either, pushing through around the two minute mark with authority, especially when the clean slower break hits that might remind fans of the similar approach on the Annihilator classic “Stonewall.” Score 8/10”

"From beginning to end, this CD definitely brings the brutality! Prosody delivers a punch to the teeth with tracks like, the dawn of brutality & victim of the zodiac. And I was really diggin' the heavy groove of cleansed in agony & end of your world. The song that really stood out to me was slave of addiction . Very heavy and you can hear just how tight this bands plays together. All in all, this is TRUE METAL and I'm eagerly awaiting their follow up CD! "

"This band is intense an they have not drifted at all from the sound they initiated on their last demo, and they try to keep the originality on this one. If you still haven't hear Prosody, you need to get on the ball. It will definitely be worth your time."

"Prosody's sound, falling somewhere within the bludgeoning intensity of classic extreme metal like Carcass and the throat-ripping, thrash velocity of acts like Kreator, with the ability to crossover to multiple fist-clenched genres a la Hatebreed."

"The 2 songs on this demo can make a pit very lethal, the backing vocals are like a hardcore style, these guys are influenced by Sepultura (Roots and Chaos A.D. era), Crowbar and Hatebreed."

"The groove in "kill your foe" is reminiscent of early Candiria. Really ballsy song, especially with how you incorporate melody with groove. It's like "melodic groove" metal or something. I really think you crazy fuckers are onto something cool here and I can't wait to get the full album when it comes out."

Markradonn - Reverbnation Metal Band

"What's cool about this song is that it starts out with a cool melody and totally evolves to a sick groove. I love how you guys know HOW to break down. Real Pros here... I love this. I can't wait to hear the new stuff because I totally dig what you are doing now. No, it's not as "brutal" but it is aggressive in a totally different but more groovy way. As good as Ossuary was, the new stuff has a different dimension musically that evokes just as much if not more hatred and disgust in the listener. I can go to war with this stuff on my headphones, for sure."

"Wow. For a band that just formed three months ago you guys sound awesome! The new tune is badass. Nice mix of thrash, death and hardcore - good melodic parts, speed and breakdowns. Ken, you're one of the best vocalists in this business and your vocals are seamless with the music. Can't wait to see what you guys have ahead..."

Eric Armusik

"You guys killed it last night, I was impressed beyond words. And I repeat..."OMFG, debut performance?!" I look forward to having Prosody melt my skull again soon!!!"

MarcBellopede Mike McAndrew