Prophets and Outlaws / Press

“Prophets and Outlaws brought their energetic and fresh live set to our venue, and satisfied the young, hip crowd for three hours. They have a unique sound that is a mix of rock & blues, with a healthy dose of Southern soul. They play a smart mix of standard tunes and originals, but the highlight of the set was their own songs. "Soft Sweet Southern Smile" and "Soul Shop" stood out from the others, and the band really brought it up on those tunes. The band is tight, the guys are total pros, and they attract a smart, good looking crowd. I will definitely have them back!”

Gary Moore - Moore Marketing and Management

“Prophets and Outlaws have rocked East Texas with their southern roots and country flare. Their ability to blend rock and roll and keep the attention of avid country listeners has deemed them very attractive from a programming standpoint. Since their music has been introduced to our listeners we have received positive feedback and requests for LIVE shows. Having witnessed multiple LIVE performances I believe PAO would be a perfect fit for the upcoming tour. The professionalism demonstrated by the band in business discussions, as well as interviews and promos, has been impressive to say the least. Their dedication to music and passion to perform amplifies with their music.”

Clayton Neville - KMOO Radio

“It’s is a rare experience for a venue owner to hit the trifecta when it comes to bands. What is the trifecta you ask? It is the combination of quality product(the music), NON rockstar attitude, and a crowd that comes ready to dance, drink and have a good time. This is exactly what you get from Prophets and Outlaws each and every time. In our time working together they bring the same thing every time—great, high energy show, musicianship and professionalism, and a drinking crowd with plenty of beautiful women! I highly recommend that everyone experience the gritty/rootsy/Americana goodness that is Prophets & Outlaws, I guarantee they will not disappoint. ”

Joel S. Morales - Adair’s Saloon

“Prophets and Outlaws are a blues/rock band verging on the cusp of contemporary with their sing-a-long choruses and catchy lyrics. The perfect jam band for a crowded bar, an outdoor summer venue or a long car drive. Their bluesy guitar riffs combined with their homegrown lyrical approach create a unique combination. Imagine combining the instrumental stylings of John Mayer with the carefree lyrics of Jerrod Neiman and what you come out with is the blues southern rock mixture of PAO. It is also worthy to note that in addition to his unique vocal style, front man Matt Boggs keeps the ladies swooning with his charming smile and electric stage presence. But looks can be deceiving, while their members may look young, their music holds a lot of character and soul. Their single “Soul Shop” is a perfect example of their ability to infuse soul into a contemporary chorus, which, like any great radio hit, will resonate in your head all day long.”

Kristin Cook - 99.5 The Wolf, Dallas, TX

"Prophets and Outlaws are one of the most exciting up and coming bands in Dallas. Their live performance has everything you could want: soulful solos, perfect harmonies, and energy that takes command of any room. With a set list that takes you from Old Crow Medicine Show to Tracy Chapman to the fan favorite original "Soul Shop", this is a show you can't afford to miss."

Chris Spinks|Marketing Director - House of Blues Dallas