Prophecy Z14 / Press

“I love their playing style. Production is clear: drums are perfect, the bass is actually audible (!) and the guitars have a pretty meaty tone and the soloing great! I recommend this album!" ”

anonymous - Amazon.com

“4.0 out of 5 stars Another great, new tech death band! ”


“Prophecy Z14 was the only opening act on the bill I caught. They were a more than capable metal act, with considerable promise. Songs like “Pillar of Salt” and “Torn from the Flies” are indicative of where this band should be headed. Their secret weapon is phenomenal Bassist, Oz, whose presence proves to be a game changer, to help the band stand apart from other Metal acts of the same ilk.”

“For my money a band that is leading the pack is Prophecy Z14,. A young talented band that takes full advantage of the DIY approach without stepping on their peers.”

Steve Keller - Brevard Live Magazine