Promonium Jesters / Press

“Massive waves of thrashing heavy guitars, tsunamis of synths, and armored batteries of drums lead the charge as the band subversives their mix with samples and all sorts of unnamed psychedelic exploration.”

“This has nothing to do with the type of goth club fodder that Metropolis shits out.”

“excellent blend of harsh expressions of Industrial-metal and awesome atmospheric electronic soundscapes.”

“these Uxbridge, Ontario weirdos create industrial electronic music heavy in aggression, but interspersed with moments of contemplation.”

“Imagine early My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult on meth”

“Promonium Jesters would be the best described as being minimal and complex.”

“The old school fans certainly will enjoy this one. Cyberpunk like you won't hear everyday. ”

“It's apparent that they are quite eclectic and that you can't stick them in a box. It's not metal, not goth or ambient or industrial, but maybe a little of each, but not just in that order – or any order, for that matter – they do their own takes on each of their favorite influences and give them a tweak and a twist and turn, making it into something that is their own and not derivative of any particular genres on their own.”

“will be loved by all fans of older and more aggressive Skinny Puppy and NIN.”

“the band’s music immediately builds a suffocating and frantic atmosphere that’s almost uncomfortable.”

“The Promonium Jesters, brought more synth, a lot of energy and the spirit of the likes of Skinny Puppy and Rage Against the Machine. There wasn’t a bass in sight but the wall of sound they supplied shook the Slice to it’s very core, rattling beer glasses on vibrating tables. I was almost afraid the roof would collapse. They almost knocked you down with that wall of sound. They ended with four guitars creating the wall followed by the lead singer ripping the strings off of his.”