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““Promize blows me away every time I hear a new track! Soaring vocals, phenomenal crunching guitars with a power house rhythm section. The songs are completely infectious with conviction and emotion.” -Grammy Nominated Producer Glen Robinson who has worked with the Foo Fighters, Metallica, The Ramones and many more!”

Glen Robinson - Grammy Nominated Producer Glen Robinson

“In all my years I've never had a band turn me down?”

Joe Cerini - Sony/Epic Music NY NY

“There's a lot of promize in this hot new alternative rock band”

Paul Williams - Fender guitars

“Trouble in paradise for alternative rockers promize.Florida tour on hold.Arizona company makes promizes,delivers disappointment.”

“Reason for Expectation is the latest release from alternative rockers Promize. Promize is cohesive, their music is dramatic and diverse. Songs range from melodic to intense. Instrumentation and vocals are impressive. The CD opens with 'Mine' which features heavy guitars, a commanding beat and forceful vocals. It is followed by 'Unholy' showcasing fiery guitars, beguiling vocals and memorizing beats.The story is told through rich expressive vocals, a subtle yet strong beat, layered guitar chords and keyboards. Reason for Expectation is full of promise! ”

“With all the cookie cutter bands out there,Here comes a band that will just blow you away.Its riding down the highway with the top down music that makes you listen to every word of every story there telling,Just plain great stuff keep it up!”

Carey Albertson - Popcycle Magazine

“Promize is a powerhouse of intensely poignant and emotional Alternative Rock! This band knows how it's done and makes no bones about putting their expertise on full display!!”


“There music is like your in a dream and when you awake You want to go back to sleep so you can re-live what they just put you through! This cd is one of the best i've listen'd to in years.DOWN LOAD IT NOW!”

“I just listen'd to some of your tracks I was impressed to say the least! rock on”

Rick Verbeek - upmagazine

“I first got a taste of these boys and a girl on mp3 I still can't understand why there not getting national air play there great!”

Lane Macoy - The Rock Box

“Right away,I was hooked by this girls voice The keybaord guitar accompaniment made me weep,I really love the way this band sounds.I've heard nearly every promize song I could get my hands on and they are EXCELLENT!Why isnt this band famous.Down load promize now!”

Caitlin - Hitsessions.com

“This track un-holy is a vital link to the energy of arena rock!It has the quality and power to satisfy all types of music fans sonic and crunchy,Great production”

Bahama Kin - CMO1 Review

“I really enjoyed the CD. i listen to it a lot when i am in my car driving around. This band is very skilled. the singer has an amazing voice, and the band is awesome!”

“Thank You My Brother , I Will Always Continue To Give Promize My Undying Support .. Not Only Because You Are The Very Best Band On ReverbNation , But Because I Know What You've Been Through In Getting To Where You Are ! May God Always Bless All Your Endeavors And May All Your Dreams Come True In 2012 ! Your # 1 Fan , Jojo !”

JoJo Taylor Band - JoJo Taylor Band

“We are the American people we are the 99%ers You should really start to listen to the people that hired you because they just might FIRE YOU!”

Shane and Hanna - Promize News and World Report

“Hello ReverNation i'm Hanna I manage Promize.I will from time to time try to help the band on here. It seem's like a great group of artist I look forward to meeting all of you one at a time lol.”

Shane - Promize New's

“Promize will never leave ReverbNation we love Reverb.We are working on another sight that is more of a Gig finder collage radio sight nothing like Reverb.”

Hanna - Promize News

“We just recieved a message from a band called Stand Volume we will put it up monday.They stand with promize against abuse on Reverb but this letter is very special it give's us faith in ppl.We have recieved thousand's of letter's of support we thank you all.”

Shane - Promize New's

“We want to thank the artist that stood by us we didnt no how many friends we had thank you.We also want to thank ReverNation for doing the right thing they did step up!”

Shane - Promize News

“New video up Big Blue”

Shane - Promize News

“Big Blue video shoot Oct 22nd we can't wait our first big time video all paid for!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Video shoot was awesome we had a blast! leslie and Kelly will blow you away!!!!!!!!”

Mr Truth - Promize New's and World Report

“Listen to www.Reverbnation.com/StinkFinger a product of Promizeland USA”

Rob - Promize News and World Report

“HELLO REVERBNATION!!!!! Im Leslie and i'm back! Were cookin with gas! Two new songs done and approved Big Blue and Stronger Than You! I'm feeling great!Nothing can stop Promize now my dream's have come true! So keep fighting you ppl that think thing's cant change i've seen they can!”

Leslie - Promize News&World Report

“Dirty Green (or Jeff as we knew him) has passed on. He will be missed by all that passed by him on RN on their way, like him, to their musical dreams”

Promize - Promize News

“PROMIZE and producer Glen Robinson Begin mixing the new cd Glen has worked with Metallica,Foo Fighters and many more!We cant wait for the magic to happen when he gets behind the desk!”

“PROMIZE wants to thank the RN army so powerful are they! PROMIZE hits #1 local #3 National #4 Global and #108 on all of Reverbnation We want to be #1 and we want it now!”

Rob - Promize news and World report

“PROMIZE enters the studio in feb for their first major label release! With producers James Fogerty and Glen Robinson (Jason Newsted Metallica Dave Grohls Foo Fighters the Ramones and many more!We just got our first mix of MINE for the new cd Im very happy with the producer he's an angel!Cant wait for more cuts!!!!!!!!!Then we start cd two! Only in America keep the faith”

“I could hardly wait until this CD arrived once I order it from you guys. I got it fast and well packaged. Then once I ripped through all that to get to the prize inside, I found that I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN! The Album Rocks Completely! Cd Baby Rocks! and if you don't have this CD yet...then stop reading and buy it now!...its a must have for anyone who likes good music!”

“With Pleasure & Time I have become accustomed to waking up, Putting on my PROMIZE CD, Making Coffee, and Working on Tons of Music Related Promotional Subjects. Promize put on a Fantastic Show down at: The Webster, May 28th 2004. A Show that will always be Remembered. I Support Promize Music & Sure hope you all check out their new CD "Reason for Expectation" Get yours Tonight! See ya all at the Next Show!”