Promethium / Press

"A classic metal album that draws you in 4/5"

"Filled to the brim with killer riffs 9/10"

"You need this Album (Origins), Awesome"

“Welcome to the Institution is a really well put together album each track leads on from each other like a long story each part plays a role from beginning, middle and end, much of this can be mirrored in the work of In Flames, the comparisons are that both bands have really strong song writing skills as well as both being quintets.”

“An excellent CD by an extremely talented band and they deserve to reach the top and be the kings of 2011’s metal scene.”

“Here it’s a collection that does the job, rocks out and rocks out hard. Promethium are certainly ones to welcome into your life, and if you’re already being welcomed to their institute I would suggest taking up the offer”