PROJECT INDEPENDENT- The Independent Rock Music Network / Press

“Project Independent is a great program run by damn good people. They are committed to helping artists who generally give a shit, and who aren’t just jobbing it. Project Independent proves that metal isn't dead in this area.”

Kyle Spriggle - HBG Magazine

“Project Independent is a tool… a learning experience. Project Independent is a crash-course in how the music business is run, but there is only so much that Project Independent can provide. The rest is up to the bands. We were the very first band to capitalize from Project Independent. Unfortunately we were involved at a time when the promotion was still growing. We will never experience the short term affects that future featured artists will, but at the same time we were the first and that’s something that we will continue to benefit from more than any other band, and being innovative means more to us than anything else.”

Erik Ulrich- vocalist of I.R.A.T.E. - The Metal Underground

“Project Independent teaches us that the way you succeed in this industry is by having a positive attitude, being persistent and showing that you are dedicated to your music above all else.”

Metal Storm Monthly

“If you are remotely a fan of any kind of metal or metal core etc. then you need to check out Project Independent. It will be your new favorite addiction.”

Rick Murder - Big Smile Magazine

“Some things in life seem like a dream come true. Imagine, for a moment, being involved in a band, believing so much in yourself and working toward the elite goal of becoming a signed artist, but finding that you really don’t have extensive knowledge of how the entertainment industry works or the know-how on making yourself known... Enter Project Independent. ”

Karen Newport - After Dark Seduction Magazine

"The Project Independent Tour... One of the real success stories of underground metal."

Rocket - The Metal Den