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ProgRockDan1 / Press

“Great music, i enjoyed :)”

Chris Keys - ReverbNation

“I love finding gems like your grooves that cut clean and hard through the genre clutter to grab my ears and soul.”

David Namerow - ReverbNation

“Awesome tune. Very seductive”

“beautifully inspiring channel”

“your music is stunning”

“Lovely Music !!”

“Very interesting, daring, and uplifting licks.”

“Great tracks:)”

“Great original sound”

“Awesome! simply awesome”

“very interesting dark and moody sound. Reminds me of early Pink Floyd!”

davecooperband - ReverbNation


“Clever stuff, like the layers”

“very different to most of the music out there”

“Terrific music”

“rush to second a banger....and lonely streets unique style classic”

“great music”

“Great original sound”

" Depression Era "....a really, really nice pc.! ....thought provoking! ....

jeff Waters - ReverbNation

“Dang! Love the sound! very unique! and refreshing!! and progressive!!!!”

apparatus - ReverbNation

“you are looking and sounding brilliant!”

Virginia Slims of Richmond - ReverbNation

“pretty tight tracks u got there!!”

Profhet - ReverbNation

“congratulations for your sounds! Very good!”

Os Patrões - ReverbNation

“Cool sound you've got!!”

WASABI & TEARS - ReverbNation

“very well done...”

Muddy Fork Band - ReverbNation

“Like your wonderful music..."Old Family Photos" is my favorite.”

Admiral Shawn Miller - ReverbNation

“what a great pleasures... a great artist... love some of your compositions, great sounds with an incredible idea.”

Fajri Rusani - ReverbNation

“interesting music. Its nice to hear something off the beaten path.”

Vero Ensemble - ReverbNation

“thats some cool tunes”

Jd lewis - ReverbNation

“Your sound very unique and beautiful...”

CharylLynn - ReverbNation

“I love the bright tones of your songs!”

Diana Tiessen - ReverbNation

“You are excellent.love your stuff. ”


“Your music is so different from other music that is out there. Very refreshing. I like Floating On Stardust, Notes a Bloomin and Open Window”

Extreme Dream - ReverbNation

“Your stuff is sick, i really like it and enjoy drawring to it.”

David Edgar Diaries - ReverbNation

“Great music,”

Joeshiba - ReverbNation

“your music is very unique...drawing a song out of a meal being prepared through an open window is fabulous!”

Chris stapley - ReverbNation

“really cool stuff... and i luv the profile pic!”

Tracy Thorne - ReverbNation

“we need more music like this”

Twoofakind 2.O.K. - ReverbNation

“miss misunderstood is a very beautiful song!!! loved the rhythm, makes us sway n dance...we'll play it for the next barbecue in the backyard! :) :) cheers to an amazing composition!”

SoulReverb - ReverbNation

“the only label I can put on your music... is brilliant. ”

The Billy Button Alternative - ReverbNation

“a big fat WOW... you're nothing but talent oozing out my speakers... ”

Elsewhere and the Bumble fly - ReverbNation

“Very cool vocals and background vocals on "Miss Understood"!! ”

John Revitte \ - ReverbNation

“I really enjoy your music. It has a great feel and mood. Well done. ”

Cheatwood - ReverbNation

“nice tunes!”

Sugarfree Jazz - ReverbNation

“Love your music ”

Jesse Markham - ReverbNation

“Music is what makes the world revolve and yours is sure helping it spin. ”

Joe Don West - ReverbNation

“Love your music ”

Jesse Markham - ReverbNation

“Thursday Night Vampire is a strange but beautiful arrangement.”

Spin Flint - ReverbNation

“Great sound bro, real alternative stuff... it's good to hear someone pushing musical boundaries.”

Spin Flint - ReverbNation

“I became a fan after the first bar ”

Stefani Stevens - ReverbNation

“Very Creative and Great Music!”

BASEMENT ROCKS - reverbNation

“Great Tracks, nice angle”

Electric Druids - ReverbNation

“you groove! love to listen”

d.john - ReverbNation

“Great songs!”

Debbie Sue - ReverbNation

“You have some great things on your site. Good job !!!!!! ”

Justin Langston - ReverbNation

“Miss Misunderstood is really great. Perfect for 6 am”

Str8 Sounds - ReverbNation

“Loved The Queen of the Cerulean tune..Very Experimental and abstract..Just the way I like it. ”

Saint Of The Echo - reverbNation

“Intriguing, evocative tracks! Nicely done!”

DOCTARYN - ReverbNation

“Very musical and creative”

akiko/firebird999 - ReverbNation

“I love the sound - It`s great!!”

Ralf Stegelmann - ReverbNation

“I like your material”

Yves Allard - ReverbNation

“I love your music! Great tunes, arrangements and sound!”

Karlheinz Fey - ReverbNation

“Cool smooth tunes dude”

Tiarah - reverbNation

“Very nice music here”

Laura Spinella - reverbNation

“thrilled and happy to know that real music still exist.”


“great music, i love it”

Eduardo Pratti - ReverbNation

“Really beautiful and heartfelt music!”

Emily Chappell - ReverbNation

“really great stuff”

Artur Bayramgalin - ReverbNation

“enjoying your music ... your own unique sounds”

Sue Trickey - ReverbNation

“Really enjoyable, nice ambiance, very creative”

Taft Metcalf - ReverbNation

“Enjoying your peaceful music : )”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“Great music! Great diversity of most original sounds and tunes!”

LPB band - ReverbNation

“Beautiful tunes”

Rhonda Mackert - ReverbNation

“dreamscape sounds . edging the unconscious”

Theman Simpulse - ReverbNation

“wow creative explosions going on here!”

Sozo Heaven: - ReverbNation

“great tunes”

Shuttle Loop - ReverbNation

“yeh brethrens,big up... lonely streets,i like dat,a ziggie bless seh dat.”

ziggie bless aka juncsion - ReverbNation

“I dig sax work on Lonely St. and 25 Sundays. Great jams!”

Phillip crew - ReverbNation

“When I heard "Lonely Streets" I thought hey... this is a winner..”

Coccinella - ReverbNation

“I like a stroll with iron man. Starts out so simple and intriguing: peaceful music.”

JD Valerio - ReverbNation

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."