Professor Gall / Press

“Professor Gall have lustily claimed the frayed top hat of the post-Waits debased Cascadian brass band from our dear departed Circus Contraption, and continue every time I see them to stomp and growl their way closer to being the best damn show in Portland.”

Noah Mickens - Oregon Music News

““Norman’s songs, which blend a mix of influences from klezmer to jazz and junkyard folk, are also unusually sweet and sincere.” Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Week”

Michael Mannheimer - Willamette Week

““ With blaring horns and a sideshow barker's twisted way with words, there is a sinister carnival feel to Booze and Guilt (somewhere between Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes and Bikini Kill's ode to carnies and Mötley Crüe mirrors, "Carnival"), If a haunted midway is your thing, Professor Gall just made your day. If not, stay the hell out of the big top.“ Ezra Ace Caraeff, The Portland Mercury”

Ezra Ace Caraeff - The Portland Mercury

“The paths each song goes through can be downright creepy, but perhaps that's his appeal, a need to rip open the human psyche one layer at a time to be able to reveal something about ourselves that we are afraid to admit...."”

John Book - The Run-Off Groove #133, musicforamerica.com

““This Portland collaborative effort prides itself on being the good kind of weird as they mash up old-timey, sometimes Vaudevillian but mostly joyous swing numbers…sounds like something you’d find on Tim Burton’s iPod””

The Source Weekly