“The latest project from former Swear On Your Life guitarist Sean 'Satyr' Tracy is not for the faint of heart or for those looking for happy pop music. This is what you put on when you want to go to a dark place in your head or when you're about to go out and do some really bad things with some really bad people (and that's a compliment). Relentless industrial metal that stands right along side Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Marilyn Manson's darkest work. This is truly the soundtrack to the horror movie that plays in the blackest part of the soul. The better news is that Produkt is about to do some live shows at the end of July into August in and around the NY area so considered yourself warned! Physical copies of the album are sold out but you can still get it digitally through http://produkt.bandcamp.com.”

“PRODUKT's new album affords machine-head connoisseurs something to really listen to and something they will probably want to, but can’t, emulate. The overall compositional structure is straight forward but its how the melodies, textures and effects develop throughout the tracks that is most enchanting. Generally, the beginnings establish a melodic framework which takes you to a very sound-rich and unpredictable break. The end mixes are where all the magic happens. The riffs, sounds and contrasts all blend and weave the songs’ parts together, yielding a fabulously coherent auditory experience. Singer/songwriter Satyr pulls off an incredible job of joining the songs’ main phrasings/melodies with unique bridge techniques giving the song, and thus the whole album, a very consistent and coherent quality. It is this weaving and intermixing of musical parts, instrumentation and effects that makes PRODUKT a band to look out for.”

“PRODUKT’s first CD, Revolt.Conquer.Consume, is currently available for download or their physical CD is available. “Originally, I was gonna call the 1st release The Simple Art Of Self Destruction… but with the way the world seems to be crashing down around us lately, Revolt.Conquer.Consume seemed a little more appropriate to me. It seems that when we stand up for ourselves and fight back for what we believe in, when all is said and done, we end up swallowing everything that’s fed to us. We revolt against authority, we conquer our fears, and then we consume more bullshit… and the whole process begins anew.””

“While the music and lyrics range from aggressive to melancholy and soothing, the underlying mood is dark and dystopian throughout - so we're left with an album at the same time diverse and coherent. The diversity makes it difficult to pick favourite tracks - it varies a lot with what kind of mood I find myself in - but I'm quite partial to the mechanical (both musically and lyrically) "Machine" and "Binary Incendiary", the groovy almost funky "Cyanidy + Candy" and "Decay" as well as the hauntingly beautiful "Embers" and "Secret Manipulation".”

“12 tracks of crunch, coming across with more electronics than metal riffing, but no less brutal than Ministry or Prong. Chock full of melody, there’s a true sensibility in the song structures; I actually find this CD much more listenable than Trent Reznor’s latest output to be honest. I also have to make the comparison that vocally, Satyr’s like listening to Nivek Powell (or Eric Orge); it’s an absolutely cool blend of styles. This is also one of those albums where every new song becomes my “new” favorite of the album…. I’m normally one to fast forward through CDs even when I like them - I have yet to skip a track on this disc yet! You can tell the labor of love here - from the handworked art to the severely excellent production values. This is easily the best $12 I’ve dropped in a while. If you jazz on heavy, crunchy rivethead / digindustrial, you really need to grab this CD…”