Process of Fusion / Press

“Wrapping up the EP is Lights in the Sky with a slightly mellower feeling, easily pictured in a movie soundtrack, and drawing the listener to wishing there were another five more tracks on the album. When all is said and done, the listener will feel encouraged and energized. If Process of Fusion is this good recorded, a live performance, then, is a must see.”

“I found that Process Of Fusion was actually pretty good! I got to hear a couple of tracks off of their upcoming EP, The Connections, which will be available sometime this month. The song “Connections” totally had a Linkin Park feel to it, while my favorite track, “Lights in the Sky,” was a little bit more mellow and melodic. Singer Patrick Wakie has an amazing voice!”

“In summation, the Connections EP by Process of Fusion is definitely a keeper. All five members of the band showcase their talent on this project, and potential to grow as musicians. It is an asset to any fan's music collection, especially those who enjoy listening to rap, progressive metal, and rock music. ”

“Process of Fusion has done what many bands try to accomplish in meshing individual influences, musical preferences and talents into something that does indeed sound fresh and unique and intrigues the ear and mind to listen. Have a listen to the band and this new EP and decide for yourself how much they stand out from the pack!”

“Progressive rock/rap group Process of Fusion is not afraid to experiment. With vocals comparable to Coheed & Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez along with rap that will remind the listener of Pre-Meteora Linkin Park, Process of Fusion boldly and successfully mixes two different and distinct singer’s voices into all their tracks. This melding of vocal styles, along with edgy and energized drums, bass, guitar and keys, is what sets Process of Fusion apart from many other bands on the market. Following the success of their first EP State of Mind, Process of Fusion has unleashed another EP into the music world titled Connections. Connections is a five song album featuring empowering lyrics about finding a place to belong, guitar riffs that flow with the mood, and even melodies not unlike that of the group God is an Astronaut. ”

“The band Process of Fusion caught my eyes and ears while travelling through the world of Twitter. I checked out their page and we set up an interview right away. I wanted to know a little more about how the band got together, why, what they're all about and much more. We went from talking about social media to talking about band relationships/health.”

“(Describe your music.) Our music takes all the best parts of progressive metal and tweaks it with rap and unique arrangements. Just think Coheed & Cambria meets Linkin Park.”

“Staten Island's own, Process of Fusion has been making major headway in the local music scene as they look to expand their grip nationally. Recently making it to the final round of four in the Bamboozle Break Contest, POF is looking to break through to play the 2011 Vans Warped Tour in Monmouth Park, NJ. Come out this weekend to support POF as they battle other bands for a chance to play the Warped Tour.”

“YOUTH CONCERT The Vertical youth ministry of Oasis Christian Center will hold its second annual “Break Free” concert on Oct. 19 at the Olympia Activity Center in Midland Beach. Featured artists at the free 7 p.m. concert include DJ Y Not, V Jett, Process of Fusion and Christine Rivera. The center is located at 1126 Olympia Blvd. For additional information, call the church office at 718-980-2019. ”

“(Excerpt from 'Girls That Rock' article) Couchon is the crafty lefty guitar player in the band whose influences range from classical Bach to Between the Buried and Me. At just 18 years old, she is also an aspiring mezzo-soprano opera singer and has recently been performing in churches across Staten Island. Rose attributes her time in POF as, “…a genre of music that I would have never seen myself playing... I love that I'm challenged to make music that blends so many elements together, and above all I love that I'm forced to be creative.” ”

"If you’re into Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, and the Bloodhound Gang then make room on your iPad for Process of Fusion. The five piece band from Staten Island, New York fuses rock and rap into one, and does it magnificently. This dynamic group of musicians recently tore down the stage at The Crazy Donkey, but not literally of course, more like figuratively."

"Cool new band from New York, check out their myspace & twitter! Their first EP will be available in April 2011. "