Problem With Dragons / Press

“You want to hear something out of this world? Check Out this futuristic SLUDGERISTIC STONER METAL that will surely blow your mind. If you press play to hear this song, be prepared for a journey in the world of imagination!!!!!!!”

“This molten sludge-metal trio doesn't tickle my scalp but instead threatens to rip it completely from my skull.”

“Guitars that blast you off into the sludge rock stratosphere!”

“If pop music is just too mellow for you, and you’re a metal fan that’s looking for something a bit different”

“...their weapons are dazzlingly dark and haunting harmonies, fuzz by the bucket load and drums that stomp and smash.”

“The guitars are riffy, fuzzy and played like actual battleaxes with actual blades on them”

“gigantic, heavy-ass rock tunes”

“PwD is a completely fuzzed out mix of punk, metal, and all-out craziness that is sure to blow you away”

“It’s funny how some of the most boring places on earth...come out with the most interesting metal sometimes.”

“Space Duel is a definition of stoner rock -melodic grooves and great distortion cranks.”

“...they gloriously sound like the musical equivalent of the British Petroleum oil-spill.”

“Problem With Dragons are silence slayers”

“meaty melodic stoner rock”

“...a meaty stew of metal, punk and stoner rock with a dash of sludge.”

“This isn't your typical "stoner fare" either; Problem With Dragons use 90's grunge/alt rock and Am Rep sounds as their jumping off points, and the two s t y l es compliment each other well.”

“This band has the character of a spoiler-enhanced funny car, a masked Mexican wrestler or a marshmallow roasted over a desert fire with the aid of a gallon of gasoline...”