Prizehog / Press

““Like the Portland bands with whom they share this bill, Prizehog exist in total defiance of convention or verse-chorus-verse formula. For more than five years, the San Francisco trio has been making music that reaches to the depths and limits of sonic expression. Their recorded tracks build powerfully upon meditative conglomerations of instrumentation—one of their latest, “Swayback,” begins with lilting harmonica before undergoing heavy assault from drums and guitar. The riffs then soften with a ringing sense of hollowness before descending into more thunderous, trudging territory, along with primal vocal howls and synthetic swirls from the keyboard. The result is music that reflects, with unsettling tangibility, on what it feels like to be human. This evening, acquire their latest vinyl EP A Talking To and participate in a unique show that could likely alter your composition, if allowed.” ”

““Don’t let the lack of a bassist fool you — Prizehog gets heavy. The San Francisco trio deploys a keyboard alongside large-gauge drums and down-tuned guitar to create music that veers effortlessly between tectonic post-rock, thundering doom blues, and Hawkwind-style, spaceship-launch psychedelia. Patience and an open mind are two necessary virtues; they’ll prepare you for the band’s shuddering builds, non-traditional arrangements, and sudden stylistic shifts. Concertgoers looking for a potent dose of local, experimental volume should look to get high on the ‘Hog.””

“For the longest time, when people into heavy music asked us who the best band in SF was, we would generally say Burmese (of course), maybe Slough Feg, sometimes the Fucking Champs, if they said EVER, then it would be Weakling hands down (or, well, we could argue for hours). But over the last few years, more and more amazing heavy bands have been giving those other bands a run for best-heavy-band-in-the-city money, none moreso than boy-girl-boy doom-crush psych-sludge trio Prizehog, who over the course of the last couple years have become the sort of band that should be HUGE. .... continued here http://aquariusrecords.org/bin/search.cgi?searchfield=keyword&search_string=PRIZEHOG%20a%20talking%20to”