Privatized Air / Press

“From the tasty chordal bass intro to "In Your Fantasy," to the crunchy distorted fadeout at the end of "We'll All Be Replaced," Privatized Air's latest effort, 'Tomorrow Or Something' is a string of cool surprises from start to finish. It doesn't hurt that track after track, Laura's warm punchy bass hits you with the weight of a pneumatic pounder, or that Nicky Vasquez's stickwork is as musical as it is powerful, that the guitar tone is as crisp as a freshly ironed and starched dress shirt, or that Quider's quirky, darkly smirking vocals provoke you with lyrics that demand both your attention and thought.”

John Avila - San Diego Reader

““We’re busy getting the van in order and getting our T-shirts and CDs all packed up,” says singer-guitarist Jonny Q, whose band Privatized Air released their sophomore album Tomorrow or Something in February. “I booked us on two tours, going through June, to support the CD, which is almost laughable, since the CD is more to support the tour than the other way around. Like most bands, what we sell is what we live on.” An April tour will take the band through Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, while a June trek with L.A.-based Sisaret will wind through Northern California, Portland, and Seattle. “We’re hoping to come home with a small profit. We sleep free in the van the whole time, and we mooch off anyone who will have it. Some gigs offer small guarantees, some [paychecks] depend on the door, but mostly it depends on merch sales.” ”