Metal Farmer Pritham D'Souza / Press

"part farmer, part musician, total nutcase" -,

Ponkra anna - Adike patrike

"this man is on his way to glory.. an absolute prodigy" -,

Sandip Kumar - Ritesh deshmok clone company

"when he shreds...shawarma becomes keema" -

Lobotomy, - Medical instruments journal

"waaah kyaa hawaa"

khaitan - fan

“his melodic riffs are outstanding......Check out the Celestial Voyage”

Travis Bryant - Reverbnation Artist and fan

"not bad for someone who doesnt use a guitar pick" -

rampa anna, - police news

"stop fooling around and go manure the coconut tree" -,

dad - padval farms

“You can really rip it up on some of your solos...but my favorite thing about your work is that you are more melodic in your solos than just trying to show how fast you can go.....I respect that" ”

Travis Bryant - Reverbnation Artist and fan

"the acoustic guitars at the end would have been an excellent track on its own"

Sandesh Shenoy - Extreme metal fan

"you should have called it "King Wank" ;) cool sounding jazz prog shit man... cheers"

Vik - gruesome malady, conflicting theories, dying embrace

“you may just have found your niche - brilliant, just brilliant. who needs spastic ink, when sticky's around. if wan took on de niro in a remake of taxi driver; the setting was shifted from new york to an indian commode, then "king wan" would be the perfect score to sum up the film." ”

Mathew marathoor - former editor, Rave India Magazine

"More evil than Nyogthaeblisz!"

Gamalzagoth, - Moonblood, Germany

" you think frogs are funny??!!"

Dept. Of Zoology, St. Aloysius - Prof. Hemachandra, Dept. Of Zoology, St. Aloysius

“i want to bless this evil frog”

Fr. Veerus Concessio

“A MULTI-FACETED-METAL-MASTER, guaranteed to melt your brain, SHATTER your MIND with BONE crunching riffs and progressions that will have EVERY METAL-HEAD wondering what just HIT them”

Artist and super cool dude - 11.11