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“As soon as you hit play on Prima Donna, no matter what song plays first, you get a jolt of instant electric energy. Their authentic sound stays true to the careless garage band spirit, mastering the balance between complex and heavy. Listening to their single “4 Real” I instantly thought of Duckie’s rockout scene in Pretty in Pink. Prima Donna gives us head banger after head banger on their upcoming S/T album. If you’re looking for fun boppin’ rock, Prima Donna is for sure the way to go.”

“Their music has a champion in Steven Van Zandt, the E Street guitarist, actor, radio host and label impresario. The album came out last week on Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.”

“If it makes sense, it sounds like a band maturing, and as they get older they try new things, like on the cool 'Vulture Culture' that has a nod in the general direction of Blondie around the ‘Eat To The Beat’ era. If I didn't know better, I'd swear these cats come from out of some dingy yet totally glam New York City ‘hood. The chorus is simple yet infectious, which is much like this record. They follow that up with something that sounds like it is influenced by early Duran Duran or Japan: 'Recurring Nightmare' gets funky and has some great rhythm breaks. Before I get carried away, I might add that, whilst there are changes, they are subtle changes and it’s still very much Prima Donna, and Preston’s voice and style oozes through and is instantly recognizable.”

“In full stride, Prima Donna let off a mighty head of steam, with mucho foot stomping riffage. Yeah, stacks of groove going on here. 7/10”

“Punk rock with 1970s glam guitars and horns is a nice combo, and there should be more of it. And, nobody’s doing it better these days that the L.A. band Prima Donna.”

“...blustery, gut-driven guitar rock ‘n’ roll that pulls no punches with its classic blues-roots stylings and unapologetic retro-roar of melody & power. Irresistible songs with an alluring, recognizable flair and energy; hum-along rips of move-your-hips, fist-in-the-air rock ‘n’ roll served with a side of glam/punk and power pop riffs...Recalls bands like early Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Chuck Berry, New York Dolls. Totally addictive!”

“… a great rock and roll album - especially if you like raw garage rock. Don't be surprised if this ends up in your heavy rotation.”


“[4/5 stars] … an impressive 11-song studio album. [on Nine Lives and Forty-Fives]”


“Prima Donna frontman Kevin Preston, a member of the Green Day/Billie Joe Armstrong project Foxboro Hot Tubs, gets back to his L.A.-based main thing on a record that has Britpop snottiness up top and California mellowness buried deep.”


“If you are looking for an album that doesn't hold anything back then this one is for you! [on Nine Lives and Forty-Fives]”


"...Nine Lives and Forty Fives will leave you exhausted from head-bopping, air guitar slashing and general leaping about the room in rock & roll abandon."

"Buying [Nine Lives and Forty-Fives], is a lot of fun and everything is so varied that you can let the album rotate several times."

“With their bright, room-filling sound, Los Angeles rock band Prima Donna’s pairing with previous tour mates Green Day and Adam Ant makes a lot of sense. ‘Pretty Little Head’ is from the band’s forthcoming album, Nine Lives and Forty-Fives, and combines the band’s glam-rock leanings with a wild guitar solo and a wordless hook.”


“Los Angeles-based band Prima Donna is doing its part to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive.”

"...like The Strokes, but harder."

""Deathless" feels like a winding, tumbleweed-laden dirt road in a Robert Rodriguez movie: while scorpions, banditos, and all kinds of precarious dangers most definitely lurk just beyond the horizon, Prima Donna is just too goddamn cool to care."

"I don't care what strain of Rock and Roll you're into this is a must own record and Prima Donna once again show how it's done. Simply stunning and as strong a record as you're gonna hear all year."

"Roll down the windows, clap along and play this fucker loud!" on Nine Lives and Forty-Fives.

"One thing I know for sure… if you see Prima Donna’s live show, by the time it’s over, I guarantee that you will walk out the door knowing that, by god, you’ve just seen a rock ‘n’ roll band. Odds are good that you’ll also be humming a new favorite melody and grinning from ear to ear too, all while still digesting the rock ‘n’ roll spectacle you just experienced."

John. A. Anderson - Twangville

"It's great to hear this stuff these days- simple but effective rock, with great howling guitars and a pile driver beat."

big boy (Grant Britt) - No Depression

"Packed with pop hooks and preening attitude, Bless This Mess is sinfully delicious."

Michael Toland - The Big Take Over

"It's this ability the band has of interacting with the audience and drawing them into an intimate give and take of music and dancing that makes a Prima Donna show special."

Melissa Webster - Huffington Post Entertainment

"What I like most about the music is the very consistent songwriting. Like a heavy weight boxer the strong song line-up keeps coming at you one after the other - with no sign of letting up."


"Don’t just take our word for it – even Green Day and Adam Ant know raging talent when they see it."

Kenneth Morton - Highwire Daze

“This is a great f***in' record! They have all the swagger of early Stones but with an almost Social Distortion 'Prison Bound' punk rock edge.”

No Front Teeth (UK)

“Awesomely woozy glitter-rock. 8/10.”

Classic Rock Magazine

"...energetic and genuinely anthemic choruses."

LA Weekly