Preston Gunderson / Press

"There's a simple brilliance in how Preston can intertwine some fun through creativity into his music."

“Gunderson’s music appeals to people from all walks of life. The duet between Gunderson and Jillian Rae in his single “Night” is a heartfelt collaboration speaking of commitment and working through hard times. With the album’s eclectic sounds, it is bound to have something for everyone.”

"Your record is Phenomenal! Extremely talented young man!"

“Preston’s musical ability is one that can’t be matched. He’s one of the best young musicians to come out of the area in some time.”

“The bottom line is that Preston is a talented individual that really has what it takes for success in this industry. He is a talented musician plain and simple. However, his good looks that are very appealing for the ladies eyes, are unmatched by his appeasing sounds to anyone’s ears.”

"Great Debut album! Start to finish it is wonderful! He has a smoothness that reminds me of (John) Mayer."

"As a sometimes musician I am always in search of something new to fill my and make me feel, not just hear the music. Good job, you've succeeded in doing just that and I look forward to hearing from you."

"As far as pop music is concerned, Gunderson achieves an album that rivals any artist like Jason Mraz or Mason Jennings."

“Preston Gunderson is one of the most talented and thoughtful musicians I have ever seen, especially at such a young age, for he recently turned 22. Gunderson has been playing music with his mother since a young age, and can play nearly a dozen instruments. He recently was asked to perform on PBS, here in Duluth, on The Playlist (see below), which has also seen the likes of popular Duluth band, Trampled by Turtles. I first discovered Preston while coming across his YouTube video for his song “Accidental Love Letters,” which is on his latest album. It’s a very creative and fun song.”