Prester John / Press

““Prester John have an eclectic sound, playing music filled with eloquence, invention and a touch of mischief. There isn’t an uninteresting moment on Desire for a Straight Line; Persinger and Miller have created music that’s entertaining, unique and always involving and it’s a pleasure listening to these fabulously inventive musicians travel to so many wonderful places.””

““An eclectic assortment of slipstream compositions touching on prog-tinged jazz, classical, manouche, and newgrass idioms. It's a lot of fun…””

““Acoustic guitarist Shawn Persinger and mandolinist David Miller mash up styles and genres with glee and abandon on the 16 technically challenging and intricately arranged instrumentals. The playing and musical interaction are virtuosic throughout, and the performances fun, exciting and surprisingly accessible.””

““Blink and you’re bound to miss something, and something exciting, at that. To call this music “avant-garde” would be partially accurate, partially dismissive — there are some wildly abstract passages here, but also many hauntingly beautiful melodies and head-bobbingly pulsing rhythms… This is inventive, virtuosic, attention-grabbing music a person could whistle while walking down the street.””

Brian LaRue - New Haven Advocate

““Hints of jazz, 21st century classical, rock, world & bluegrass pervade this recording. You may be left with a felling that begs you to guess what might come up next.””

LJ Palardy - WRUV

““Prester John doesn't just take assorted styles and blend them, it takes them as singular entities as well, treated with a flurried attack and passion. There's plenty of dexterity to wow the pros and plenty of simplicity to thrill the citizens.””

““Persinger turns fast guitar playing into something you would actually want to sit down and listen to…infuses a brilliant array of styles as well as a fantastic use of space…check it out if you want to break away from the mundane.” 5 out of 5”

Paul Oneto - Hartford Local Music Examiner

““If, to paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, the mark of a great artist is being able to keep two contradictory notions in mind and still function, then Persinger’s musical abilities know few bounds.””