“There will be more than the sounds of wheels grinding on metal coming from the Grimsby Skate Park July 27. The sound of rock will be a perfect backdrop for youth utilizing the skate park that day. For the second straight year, local band The Rebel Arms has organized a free concert to take place during the Town’s Happening at the Forty festivities in downtown Grimsby. This year’s concert features the organizing band as well Burlington’s Bourbon DK, Hamilton’s At What Cost, Oshawa’a Black Cat Attack (featuring former Sum 41 guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh), Georgetown’s Bad Logic and The Pre Nods from Hamilton. “The event started as a way to bring some awesome bands to town for free,” said Bob Dell, vocalist for The Rebel Arms. “Since there are really no music venues in Grimsby and the skate park is the perfect candidate for an event like this, the idea was born. ”

“There is small minority of people within the Punk community, (and let’s face it we all know at least one), who say that ‘Punk Is Dead.’ (Despite being involved with it themselves, and there being Punk bands today.) I would invite anybody who believes that statement to come see a Pre-Nods show. Especially when they are in a fantastic mode of playing, like Canada Day. With the Pre-Nods, you can not only see Punk is alive and well. You can hear it too.”

"Anyone looking in the general direction of the stage during a PreNods show is in perverts row."

Darlene MacNeil - Poster Artist - Darlene MacNeil

“The whitest Bad Brains show i've ever seen”

Rob Elmer - Facebox

“The guys had me nervous for awhile. I hadn't seen them play for the longest time, and I hadn't heard that they were having any shows. I had been told that there was a 'new drummer search', but still. Quiet periods within a band don't often have good endings. Everything worked out though. If Saturday's set was anything to go by, the time to find another member and practice was what everyone needed. The Pre-Nods still sound like a gritty member of the original Crash 'N' Burn scene of 1977. But they've changed ever so slightly. It's like they are now a tightly tuned, Punk Rock machine. Barreling into the audiences ears and minds. And it rocks.”

“It seems like every time I see the Pre-Nods, they are just getting better. Last Sunday was no exception. Is it their new drummer? Is it that they have tightened up as players and singers? Is that they seem to sum Hamilton up in a sound? (If that's possible.) It's all of the above. But it's mainly that they seem to have one foot in this decade and one at the moment of Punk's birth. Sunday, they were in fine form. Their performance was gritty, loud, and unpretentious.”

“While punk has deep roots in Hamilton, a new crop of young contenders is beginning to make waves in their own way. Four years ago, Jim Fitzgerald was so inspired by the blues of Leadbelly, Mississippi John Hurt, and Robert Johnson that he decided to pick up his grandmother’s harmonica to make his own music. He quickly joined Mike Trebilcock for his Choir Deets project and since worked with a variety of area musicians. With all of this opportunity, it was a chance meeting that spawned the project he’s given his focus over the last year. ”