Premortal Breath / Press

“In accompany of their bio the German band Premortal Breath wrote that they´re playing heavy metal, but it's really hard to determine the kind of music by the guys play. If you call it modern metal, I think what would reflect the album best. Because yes on the album are a lots of cool, really heavy riffs , but most of the songs are a mix of metal and hard rock, with the addition of all the latest accretions. But the most important is that you listen to this album very well. Maybe not shocking or not causes shaking hands, does not give a big kick, this time with her spent the fall will not be lost. The album contains eight tracks, quite interestingly designed, with different tempos, different dynamics. There are interesting solos (although not in excess), several chorus sung choruses, but above all not hard to see a lot of catchy melodies. The most intriguing, the most noticeable, however, is the singer's voice.”

“English: SPH bandcontest - preliminary round Mainz It was getting loud - Premortal Breath from Mannheim entered the stage with pure metal. Very heavy sounding guitars, a ground shaking snare drum and typical heavy metal vocals electrified the audience. The bands musical experience is easily noticeable. So with an aggregate score of 17% they placed third. We are looking forward to seeing them again in the next round. German: SPH Bandcontest Vorrunde Mainz Nun wurde es lauter. PREMORTAL BREATH aus Mannheim waren mit purem Metal am Start. Sehr heavy klingende Gitarren, eine knallende Snaredrum und Gesang in der typischen Heavy Metal-Ausführung begeisterte das Publikum. Auch hier ist die musikalische Erfahrung einfach erkennbar. Mit einer Bewertung von insgesamt 17% erreichten sie den 3. Platz. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen.”

“360 Mag Premortal Breath is a potential powerhouse. "Into the Light" literally screams heavy metal. Although the track is a rough cut, you can totally hear quality instrumentation and vocals. "F*uck My Brain" has insane guitar and hardcore drums on deck. Vocals and lyrical content are on par as well. Very powerful message. And, you will most definitely be distracted by "Distracted." Intricate instrumentation, soulful vocals and fierce production. "Mind Over Matter" has a positive message. No matter what obstacle comes in your path, you can still achieve your goals. The musical arrangement is quite impressive. "Your Ruin" showcases the immense power this ensemble possesses. A twisted message of complete self-awareness. Their creativity, talent and originality has placed them in a spot on our 360 Watch List. http://www.reverbnation.com/premortalbreath”