Preach Freedom / Press

“...the energy Preach Freedom exudes- one of vibrance, one of life and one of cool enthusiasm. And, of course, talent... “Good music has a message and agitates the grave.” This is the exact mindset Preach maintains when writing his music. Singing about what’s going on in the world around us and turning the negatives into beautiful music is what Preach’s style is all about. Frustration from issues such as schools losing funding for the arts and gas companies contaminating people’s water supply from fracking... ...These woes inspire the artist in an intense and swift way, which is exactly what happened with his soon-to-be released album, ‘Freedom Must Be’. ”

“Preach Freedom Freedom Must Be Self-Released ☆☆☆☆ 1/2 Preach Freedom transcends the ordinary and verges into the extraordinary with his debut self-produced release, Freedom Must Be. The energy and vibes are both uplifting and spiritual throughout the entire disc. Part of this vibe may come from Freedom's own experience working with the community and schools. He works with children on many different levels, and shows them an alternative lifestyle through music. Freedom also aspires to a higher level of sound through his own particular style, which is a blend of reggae, blues, and funk. Freedom Must Be carries such a positive message for the listener, sometimes aimed at the youth ("The Youth Are Coming Up"), and Preach Freedom accomplishes it in a way that's not condescending in any manner. There are positive vibes all the way through. If it's possible music can heal, Preach Freedom would serve as a prime example of this. Tunes like "Be Wise" and "Unity" call on a higher consci”

"The Rusted Root percussionist offers up 13 tracks of classic, consciousness-raising reggae. The songwriting and production make this one sound genuine, not cheesy like so much latter-day Jamaican-style music; an all-star cast of Pittsburgh musicians (Colter Harper, Poogie Bell, Geña) helps out."