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Praise the Dead / Press

“Through a chance encounter with both Spacey T and dUg Pinnick at a 2003 concert featuring Fishbone and King’s X on the same bill, Lisa Marie Maestas entered the picture, impressing all involved with an out-of-this-world display of her drumming abilities during a post-show jam. Within the context of Praise The Dead, Maestas’ steady and powerful drumming is key, but it is her vocals – which blend the majestic power of Heart’s Ann Wilson with the punk urgency of the Avengers’ Penelope Houston – that steal the show here. Praise The Dead’s initial recording sessions yielded 15 songs, with the first third comprising ‘The Heavy’, their debut release, and the rest to be released as two more 5-song EPs in the near future. ‘The Heavy’ is available now at the duo’s BandCamp page as a high-quality digital download. The Impaler’s recommendation? Check it out now and get in on the ground floor of this exciting musical partnership.”

“‘The Heavy’ has been The Impaler’s most-played EP of the past few months, with 5 songs that are both crushingly heavy and crushingly beautiful. Praise The Dead is a self-described ‘power duo’ featuring the Tracey ‘Spacey T’ Singleton on 8-string guitars and Lisa Marie Maestas on drums and vocals. Spacey T has been on my short list of ‘obsessively collect every magical note this incredible guitarist records’ since I discovered his first band, Sound Barrier, in the early 1980s. This list has grown significantly over the years, as he spent close to a decade shredding with Fishbone, was an early member of Year Of The Dragon, and contributed a hair-raising solo to dUg Pinnick’s recently released solo album ‘Naked’. Within the confines of Praise The Dead, Spacey T ups the ‘heavy’ ante by utilizing 8-string guitars to deliver a non-stop barrage of twisted riffs and tasty solos. Through a chance encounter with both Spacey T and dUg Pinnick at a 2003....”