Pragmatic / Press

"The Vogue show, August 17th, a Juggernaut of a local show!"

“We don't really think in terms of trying to sound different from others in our genre. We focus on the song writing and it tends to take us to places that are unique organically. Our song writing often blends heavy, rhythmic riffs with melodic, hook oriented guitar work. This with the locking up between the drums and bass gives the song a great layered sound that comes off big and ear catching.”

“What genres would you guys classify yourselves under? That's a hard one. We would say hard rock but we like to dabble in different flavors of that. We write in several ways be it any one member has an idea that we expand on or writing on the fly, but we believe everyone should have a voice and encourage each other to bring in their own ideas to help build on the music we write. The different styles and influences can potentially make a pop riff or metal riff evolve into a Pragmatic riff. And even when we decide to play a little heavier we always try to have a positive or heartfelt message throughout. In a world full of doubt the fans deserve something real. We believe this is the reason a large audience tends to find something they like or relate to in our music.”