Pozzie Mazerati (MISS HIPHOP) / Press

“I love your flow Pozzie, I'm gonna check more out. Keep your flavour you're different from everything else that's PERFECT!”

“We just saw Pozzie perform on stage and the girl was BAD!”

“You're Hot & Your music is dope!”

Nick Cannon - On Set Filming "School Dance"

“Up and coming female hip hop artist Pozzie Mazerati is also an accomplished actress and fashion designer.”

“This video from Philly female MC Pozzie Mazerati dropped back in November but we're just getting hip to it, and its dope!”

“The sky is most definitely the limit for this rising star!”

“After watching you perform I can say you've got it, natural talent. Keep going!”

“There are so many artists out there that are similar but there is one artist who manages to stand out from the rest, Pozzie Mazerati!!”

“Actress,Rapper and Fashion designer it looks like Pozzie has her plate full!”

“Pozzie is a key element in a new wave of artists emerging into the spotlight!!”

“I see her on a lot of magazine covers and blog sites”

“Pozzie has a combination of late 80's/90's style to her music”

“Our favorite Little Sister!”

"You are what we call a 'five-point star', being that you have so many talents"

“Your track is ill...hats off to you. I'm blown away!!”

“Refreshing was my thought after listening to Dear Listener, the debut single from Philly’s Own Pozzie Mazerati”

"I'm vouching wit gillie. Fiyaaaahh! Hottest chik I've heard unsigned so far. real fukn talk!"

N.Y.M.I - Reverbnation

“Pozzie you wear many hats, from MC to dancer,Fashion Designer to Actress.”

“I can’t believe her first love was fashion”