Poverty Of Ideals / Press

“No longer is Poverty of Ideals merely a side project of a bunch of South African musos. Barriers has cemented them in the South African metal scene and I’m willing to put money on the fact that these guys are going to quickly rise to the top.”

“...it's hard to deny the musicality of the album, the skillful mix, and the proof that small recording budgets can produce high standard albums.”

“By virtue of both the production and the song-writing, Barriers is an album that transports you to other worlds. I really can find no fault with it and you would be quite hard-pressed to find an album of more class and talent in these parts, let alone any part of the world.”

“The Poverty of Ideals blew me away with their very melodic instrumental fusion of pretty much everything good and I can’t help but agree with what they wrote on their Facebook page, “The Poverty of Ideals; more delicious than your grandmother’s cookies.” If you ever have the opportunity to watch these guys play I know you will also feel the same.”