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“Let me introduce you to Post Paradise, an alternative rock band from Colorado, characterized by the presence of a cello player, Amy Morgan. They are known in their area for their spectacular live performance that allowed them to open for acts such as Murder By Death, Twenty-One Pilots, Walk The Moon and Panic! at the Disco. Post Paradise have two full-length albums and one EP under their belt and are currently wrapping up a new EP set to release in the fall of 2015. The first single off the upcoming EP is Ordinary, recorded at Blasting Room Studios with Andrew Berlin (Rise Against, NOFX, As I Lay Dying). Ordinary is an anthemic power rock track made unique by the haunting melodies of the cello. It was officialy released yesterday, May 26, and you can stream it now on SoundCloud.”

“Fort Collins has some great local bands and one of those great local bands has just released a brand new single and they want to share it with you! Post Paradise has just released ‘Ordinary’ for your ears to enjoy. It is their first single of 2014 and I am so excited to see what is to follow this awesome song. You can catch Post Paradise June 14th at The Taste of Fort Collins! You need to see them live and who knows, they may play some more new stuff! Read More: Fort Collins Band ‘Post Paradise’ Release Brand New Single “Ordinary” | http://999thepoint.com/fort-collins-band-post-paradise-release-brand-new-single-ordinary/?trackback=tsmclip”

“By Harrison Welshimer A shout out to all Post Paradise fans! If you missed last Friday night’s show, I’m sorry because they tore it up! But don’t feel too bad, they’re gonna be playin’ again soon…like all over the country soon! Friday night was my first introduction to Post Paradise and it was a good one. First off, being a saxophone player by trade, I love seeing instrumentation that isn’t the standard rock band. Amy Morgan adds a great dimension on cello, essentially taking over the lead guitar role (more on that later). As a front man, Nick Starr Duarte has solid command of his voice with a range that is far more versatile than most indie lead singers. Providing the foundation is bassist Chris Santolla. Most bassists rely on their amps to crank their sound instead of pulling the strings harder, making the instrument sound wimpy. Chris digs a lot deeper than most, and you feel the bass vibe as opposed to just hearing it. Not to be forgotten, Mark Roshon drove the bus!”

“Post Paradise have released a new music video for their song “The River,” off their upcoming EP, Bring It To Life (Side A), out October 13, 2015. “The River” is driven by heavy guitars and a single, unique string instrument that highlights the melody and gives the song a haunting effect. With relatable lyrics and great instrumentals, it’s easy to love the song. But music video for “The River” makes it even easier. The music video focuses in on the band performing, individually, in a dark lit place while a mysterious woman dances. Every member gets their share of screen time, usually at the point of their song when their instrument is highlighted. In between everything going on, there’s a dancer slash aerialist. She’s meant to be the women that Post Paradise is singing about, and she represents the image perfectly. For as stunning as she is, both in looks and talent, she doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.”

“4 out of 5 stars Fort Collins, alternative cello-rock five-piece is solide as an alt-rock band, but the addition of that cello, played by Amy Morgan, makes this band and the album infinitely more interesting than most modern alternative groups. Everyone in the group is a talented musician, but it’s the cello that ties it all together. ”

“A cello-driven pop/post-punk quintet that rocks out with an ear for the symphonic, Post Paradise is a tight outfit whose aspirations are far reaching but accessible. With The New Normal, they belt out fifteen strong and diverse tracks, showcasing their copious catalogue and songwriting abilities. “Sex Panther” sets the stage with a hard going cello and bass combination that chugs along into a heavy yet subtle sound that pervades the album. Post Paradise pays homage to Bach with their amazing rendition of “Interlude: Bach Cello Suite No. 1.” It is a satisfying interpretation that comes as a welcome refrain from the rest of the album; it’s an island of rest from the more poignant, emotive lyrics and composition of The New Normal. Fifteen tracks can seem daunting at first, but not one single song overstays its welcome. Balance is found throughout The New Normal, and is its forceful attraction. ”