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“Hey, everyone! Listen to 'RANGO THE DOG', aka MATTHEW MEADOWS, on 'AUDIOBURGER RADIO NETWORK'! This is a link to his show, 'Season III Episode 5', where he featured POSTMODERN TROLL'S song 'ELECTRO HICK'... http://www.spreaker.com/user/reputationmedia/rango_unmuzzled_axis You can also hear 'RANGO THE DOG' on 'AUDIOBURGER RADIO NETWORK', where you can hear others such as 'ADDICTIONS & OTHER VICES', 'THE BONE ORCHARD', 'RINGMASTER REVIEWS' and, 'THE NERVECAST SHOW'. Thank you, everyone, for your support!”

“This is a link to a reveiw from Tom Murphy in The Westword on Postmodern Troll”