Postcard Fiction / Press

"Local singer/songwriter Jeremy Sakovich will unleash his pop-infused hook-laden sensibilities on the Art Bar this Saturday to celebrate the release of his first EP, The Dreamers. Playing under the name Postcard Fiction, and aptly backed by a bevy of local talent, look to hear Tonic and Muse flavored tracks from the new EP such as “Love is Brave” and “Wish You Were Mine.” While Sakovich wears his influences proudly on his sleeve, these are no derivative knock-offs. In the songs of Postcard Fiction, you will find concise, structured, and personal pop tunes. For a preview of the EP check out www.myspace.com/postcardfiction"

“This cool little band from Columbia, South Carolina bills itself on MySpace as “Rock-n-Roll for those with pop sensibilities.” Nice description. Because my other picks are all kind of “country” sounding this month, I picked this one out of the bunch that they sent me, mostly for the sake of building a decent blend for once. These guys do some stuff that’s definitely a little wilder, and the musicianship is very impressive on everything I’ve heard from them. The thing I really like about this band is that it’s not afraid to be tough and honest with its lyrics, and this song is a great example of that. This song — like several they have on MySpace — is one that I would classify as “important” — something the world, absolutely, needs to hear!”

“Postcard Fiction — An alternate term for a literary genre known as flash fiction, postcard fiction is simply an intact work of fiction — that is, it has a protagonist, conflict, resolution, etc. — that’s been condensed to roughly two facing pages of a literary digest magazine. It’s a fitting moniker for this Columbia quartet, led by Jeremy Sakovich and featuring ex-members of Madison Fair, which condenses brief tales of the human condition into attractively tuneful pop-song vignettes. The band releases The Dreamers EP this evening; were we CMJ, we’d say RIYL: MuteMath, Tonic, Treadmill Trackstar.”

“Also of note: The debut of Postcard Fiction, helmed by guitarist-about-town Jeremy Sakovich and featuring ex-members of Madison Fair. The quartet trades in tuneful alt-rock that brandishes anthemic choruses and searing solos while remembering to pepper its product with a few left turns.”