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“With a lyrical nod to cable’s funniest news source–”the most trusted news comes from Comedy Central”–and eagle-themed cover art patriotic enough to make Stephen Colbert jealous, Seattle power-pop quintet Post Adolescence rock their latest single with fuzzy guitars, power chords, and bright refrains aimed at the Tea Party and conservative media.”

“Ok, honestly, I picked this CD up because it has a song called "MySpace or Yours". haha. Get it? But! I was pleasantly surprised. This post-punk 80s-influenced Seattle garage band is perfect background party music. A few fun, bouncy picks from their debut, My Nothing: "It Gets Better" and "Act of Whore".”

“Great pop rock that's ready for the masses. This band's strong musicianship and catchy vocal hooks, coupled with a full sound, should propel them to the airwaves soon.”

“Upon listening to Post Adolescence, one would believe they’re from across the pond with soaring guitars and catchy riffs reminiscent of Queen. Post Adolescence has studied their Pop/Punk icons well and have created a Pop romp, tension-filled vulnerability all their own. There’s definitely a Bowie-eque, Spider From Mars quality but darker. Lead singer, Johnny Straube’s soaring falsettos are neo-nostalgic, breathy, fragile with a ‘hell yeah’ punk bent. His delivery is anguished, tormented yet wickedly delicious. Post Adolescence is the musical Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka. Happily dangerous, slightly weird and wonderful! ”

“Listening to Post Adolescence's release My Nothing, I catch hints of Stardust-era Bowie mixed with Blondie's rhythm section in the CBGB's days, and a dash of Arcade Fire thrown in for good measure. Don't take these comparisons to mean their music sounds rehashed...there is something fresh and vital to the music, a sense of urgency in their power pop-punk melodies. Tight, infectious guitar hooks & charging beats, paired with soaring vocals striking a tender balance between hope and torment. The album offers something for everyone, running the gamut from straight-ahead rockers like “Act of Whore” to guitar-pop gems like 24hrs, to I'm Not Here and The Year After- perfect anthems for love gone wrong. The polished sound on the album My Nothing is a treat for the ears, but curious listeners shouldn't miss the opportunity to see P.A. live. The stage is where they truly shine.”

“With decisive riffs and sirenesque hooks coated with the thickest of pop punk urgency, Post Adolescence and their debut album 'My Nothing' expel an attitude loaded fresh breath of air into the sails of indie music. With their spring tensioned tightness and incisive addictive melodies the Seattle quintet strive to and succeed in creating quality filled and deeply satisfying fun music.”

“Anyone new to Post Adolescence will notice that there's nothing pubescent about their music with its great driving beat and catchy melodies. The drum beat is the engine that drives the rhythm guitars while the vocals are reminiscent of glam rock at its best. A rock and pop mix with bright open melodies that will soon get feet tapping. The group are from Seattle, Washington and are unsigned. The band released their debut album “My Nothing” last year and if this is anything to go by – I can’t wait for their next release.”

"Catchy hooks, great guitar and vocals that make you pay attention! Post Adolescence is a throw back to when Brit/Pop was in full swing but they have added a new dimension to it that is fresh and deserves to be heard! I love this band and you MUST see them live!"

"Take the core elements from Brit Pop band 'Suede'...then mix that with British Pop Rock band 'The Feeling', and you might get something which kinda resembles state-side Seattle based group 'Post Adolescence'. It's amazing to think that a British pop sound would even dare to cut above the established stereotypical garage band sound of Seattle that almost took over the world during the 90's. Okay, I know things have moved on a pace or two since then...but even so, I still reckon that 'Post Adolescence' have dared to be different in their home market place, best thing is...they've captured a real flavour of familiarity. Hat's off to Johnny Straube and the band who definitely make world class music which has a second home here in the UK at Cross Counties Radio. Keep up the good work guys and keep sending us your tunes for our unsigned output."

“Their fresh, youthful vocals are the perfect match for their upbeat melodies.”

“A unique singer combined with a talented and tight band, ladies and gentlemen I give you Post Adolescence. It's great to see a band that puts so much energy into their music and has such passion towards music in general. All of their music is fantastic and I can't wait to see what these guys have in store for us in the future!”

"A glammed up version of modern rock, thundering from your basement! You’ll see why we’re cowering in the corner.."

“Song of the Week on Seattle Weekly's Reverb”

“A four-piece rock band from Seattle that cites British post-punk bands like Buzzcocks, Manic Street Preachers and Placebo as influences. They have a knack for crafting catchy, three-to-four minute rock songs that should appeal to fans of Brit-pop bands like Blur and Pulp. I’m very excited to debut this track from Post Adolescence. It’s a very catchy rock song that has a lot of energy and feels like there’s a hook in nearly each line singer Johnny Straube sings. The band is one of the most promising rock bands in Seattle right now, and after hearing “Everybody’s Sober Nowadays” (as well as their previous songs), I can’t wait to hear how this band develops going forward.”