"Poetry is not only an outlet, but an Inspiration that is Internal, External..& Eternal" -[POSIRA LADY RYDAH] C.R.A.K. Poetry is a team of very talented poets based mainly in Boston, MA; founded in June of 2009 by Posira Lady Rydah (a poet/singer/rapper & song writer). C.R.A.K. Poetry has launched itself to local stardom and it's members has performed at many events at Slades Bar and Grill to Dublin House to Sammy's Patio and more. Posira first created C.R.A.K. Poetry as means of displaying her own great poetic materials, as well as connecting & networking with Poets all over the world. Building of the 4 words that express the acronym of C.R.A.K., Posira began embarking on a movement that was becoming greater than just a personal outlet. C.R.A.K. Poetry began evolving into its own identity attracting the First Time / New / Old / & Seasoned Poets.