Portland Groove Collective / Press

“Their latest album, Blue Nova, is a packed-tight cd with fifteen tracks, and is a commendable work by the group, consisting of Les Gray on sax, Christian Botto on guitar, Michael Kora on drums, Grady McKenzie on bass and Manavihare Fiaindratovo (Mimy) on percussion. Falling somewhere between latin and funk, the songs are approachable, yet complex enough to be interesting”

““I like the Blue Nova CD, in fact I've been opening my radio show "Ritmos Latinos" with Samba Do Cafe as the theme song. Like most public radio stations, KRBS 101.1 FM in Oroville has always supported local talent, and groups like The Portland Groove Collective because it provides a format for exposure that otherwise talented musicians seldom get on main stream radio." ”

Mike Coronado - KRBS 101.1 FM in Oroville, CA

“Blue Nova, the second CD by the Portland Groove Collective, displays the band's continued growth as musicians, as composers, and most important, as a band. This time out, PGC has also coaxed some top northwest players to sit in on several tracks, including percussionist Manavihare “Mimy” Fiaindratovo, trombonist Ed Green, and trumpeter Brad Davis.”

Steve Pinkston - Portland Composer and Band Leader

“Portland Groove Collective has definitely moved forward into new and interesting territory with this CD, while holding onto their signature tight grooves and top-flight solo work. Northwest jazz fans are indeed fortunate any time PGC steps into the studio or out for a live set, and "Blue Nova" just whets their appetite for even more.”

Steve Pinkston - Portland Band Leader

“I’ve been enjoying the new CD all week, and have given away the other three copies you gave me. You were right; the production quality is top-notch, and the songs are just awesome. I’m very happy to be working with you to promote your music. Cheers, Walt ”

Walt Jaquith - GodSong Community Church