Porkbelly / Press

“After our interview, vocalist Zack Gilbert sent me some tracks from “Down to Pound.” While some of the tracks are purely drinking anthems, others contain more emotional content. But even when Gilbert is singing about love gone wrong, or a dead hooker washing up on the beach, I can’t help but think of the party vibe of their live performance. Musically, Porkbelly sticks in the mid-tempo range throughout most of their songs. I get a little taste of Pantera here and there in the guitar riffs. The vocals switch back and forth from “yarl”-eqsue singing to gruff metal screaming, and the dynamic really keeps you listening and singing along. I’ve had “Beer 4 Pain” stuck in my skull for days now! Porkbelly’s motto is “BEER METAL BBQ” and that’s exactly how I imagine listening to the new album, in a backyard, beer in hand, and the smell of searing flesh in the air.”

“I have never seen anyone get so hammered and still rock out. (Random Quote)”

“Visiting Omaha I stopped by the Gene Leahy mall, downtown Omaha, to find a concert going on at the bottom of the slides. A band announces themselves as Porkbelly and honestly the name alone made me laugh a little bit. They start rocking out and I notice that most of the people in this crowd are bobbing their heads to some very catchy riffs. The stage presence is fun and it can be very comical. Depending on what song they play, this mix of comedy crowd engagement will have you ready to mosh out in the middle or bob your head to a catchy groove. Good stuff guys.”

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