Poorsport / Press

“While there are no local venues that host just pop-punk bands there are a few that are likely to host a couple each month. Many of the venues link to the bands sites on their calendar pages or even have sound clips provided, allowing you to sort through to find the sound you're looking for. El Corazon in Seattle is a fair bet. They also do a lot of all-ages shows, and since pop-punk tends to appeal to a younger crowd on average, all-ages shows are very common in the scene. In fact Poorsport, a local Seattle pop-punk (or as they like to say, melodic punk) band will be playing there on the 21st of May. They're a lot of fun and put on a great show, I recommend checking them out!”

“Rain City Punk starts off loud and fast, showcasing Poorsport’s talent and compatibility as a band. Each song is stylistically different and each member’s unique musical style blends together surprisingly well. The energy on their album was nothing compared to their performance on stage. I saw Poorsport live at their show at the L.A.B Seattle Drum School. The members were naturals on stage and kept the audience involved and singing along. The band’s musical influences encompass many different punk and rock bands including; Bad Religion, Public Enemy, Lagwagon, Social Distortion, and Slayer.”

Katie Horner - Eastside Sun

““I like Poorsport, not only, because they are great musicians, but because they are a bunch of goofy guys who love to get up on stage and have a good time.” ”

Laurie Bradshaw - n/a