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“Poor Mans Poison WINS the 31rst Annual Texaco Country Showdown, grand prize winners of 100k and tittle "best new country act".”

“Poor Man's Poison is heading to Nashville this January for the finals of the Texaco Country Showdown where they will compete with the four other Regional Winners on a Nationally syndicated television special for $100,000 and the coveted title, “Best New Act in Country Music.” Each year more than 50,000 artists compete throughout the U.S. Past winners include: Martina McBride, Garth Brooks, Miranda Lambert, Neal McCoy, Sara Evans, Brad Paisley and Billy Ray Cyrus.”

“Poor Man's Poison's music is far from traditional country. The band writes and performs all their own acoustic songs on bluegrass instruments, and their music is influenced by rock, folk and reggae. Showdown judge Les Engle said the band's unique music influenced the judges' decision. Their music 'didn't fit the cookie-cutter country western" style, Engle said. 'These guys, you could tell they didn't emulate anyone. They wrote their own material; they played it; they believed it." 'I would have loved to have sat back and listened to another hour of what they did," Engle said. 'I would have loved to have heard more of that harmony, more of the stories their songs told, where they were going with it."”

“Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Poor Mans Poison comes to us from Hanford, CA and boy are they amazing! With straight up acoustic instruments and those emotionally driven vocals nothing can top these guys at what they do and that is serving up the best Americana/Folk/Indie their way. Big things are coming for these guys! - Rob Daily”

“Local band Poor Man’s Poison sold out the Hanford Fox Theatre on Feb. 18. They are the first group from this area to ever accomplish that feat. ”

“For local band Poor Man's Poison, the last few months have seen a slew of achievements. This weekend comes another, and it's one that's close to their heart. Poor Man's Poison is headlining the Hanford Fox Theatre on Saturday night. It's a special gig because its members grew up around the Hanford area. So the band set a goal to sell out the theater and to become the first local act to do so.Earlier this week, just a few days before the concert, it did just that. ”

“One of the coolest things is the addition of the mandolin, which is constantly picking up a storm, or strumming up a...uh...hurricane... or something like that. Anyway, the point is that this is very good, honest music, and it deserves any recognition it receives, even if that recognition is simply the fact that I'll be playing it again, right now, on the first rainy day of the year.”

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“Poor Man's Poison are a group of musical friends from California. They play acoustic music on traditional bluegrass instruments but this is far from traditional sounding. You get all kinds of influences from folk to reggae in their style. Think of perhaps Jack Johnson having grown up in Appalachia instead of Hawaii. I mean this in a really good way. There is a sweet, laid-back vibe to this record. Tight harmonies and great playing infuse the songs with such a good feeling”

Chris Schmid - The Discriminating Music Aficionado