Poor But Sexy / Press

“Playing alongside frequent Hellfighters collaborator David Brown (as well as several other veterans of the D.C. music scene) in the quintet Poor But Sexy, [Jason] Caddell now dabbles in soul-heavy indie-pop--a far cry from his previous musical endeavors, but a refreshing one.”

The Onion A.V. Club

"The Only Good Thing" is a slinky blue-eyed soul number that's one saxophone solo away from inclusion on an AM Gold compilation.

“Poor But Sexy isn't R. Kelly, but they still sound good on this end.”

“They bring their soul-filled rock (Express was caught comparing them to Steely Dan the other week, and we all know how we feel about Steely Dan) to IOTA this Sunday so, sit down, kick back and let the love envelop you.”

“Their songs are refreshing in a town where it sometimes feels like you need a stern disposition to get your message across. Sometimes audiences need love songs; sometimes this city needs love songs.”