PonyKiller / Press

“And to my surprise, Pony Killer, being on metal legend Phil Anselmo’s new label Housecore Records, didn’t mean they were a hardcore band. In fact they have a layered psychedelic sound. The floor is littered with effects pedals, all of which are used to enhance Pony Killer’s trippy attack. The vocals are clean and mellow, and lyrically they address anything from romance to capitalism. (Favorite Live Music Performance)”

“One can envision a trippy light-show to accompany a live performance, but Ponykiller's mode of operations is to some degree a bit more refined and not framed on the typical rawness, evidenced in early jam-based psychedelia. Ultimately, the group's upbeat presence is veiled with an appealing mix of dark and luminous colors, hammering pulses, and a congenial format that yields additional rewards on subsequent listens. (4 out of 5 Stars)”

“On that front, Ponykiller succeeded immensely. The Wilderness is simultaneously hypnotic and haunting. Tempering psychedelic psychosis with viscerally vivid lyrics, Ponykiller drift into an otherworldly sonic realm of their own. There are certainly strands of Pink Floyd and The Beatles in Ponykiller's DNA, but The Wilderness houses a 21st century animalism that distinctly belongs to the New Orleans outfit. Produced by the legendary Philip Anselmo [Pantera, Down, Arson Anthem], The Wilderness is a new frontier for rock.”