Ponychase / Press

“On their upcoming new single, “Parade of Youth”, Ponychase have refined and perfected what was hinted at on their EP. Where many bands simply dabble with the sound of 80′s to create kitschy sounding tunes, “Parade of Youth” really showcases the band’s songwriting expertise, making this track so much more than just a novel tune. “Parade of Youth” once again exudes nostalgic and bittersweet 80′s flavours with the songwriting chops of Stevie Nicks paired with the the sonic landscapes of Au Revoir Simone. Utterly brilliant stuff.”

“Most bands that take their cues from New Wave and dream-pop influences like The Cure, Kate Bush and the Cocteau Twins never come close to approximating those artists’ lush, spellbinding textures and transcendent hooks. Ponychase, however, pull it off handily. Given the personnel involved, that’s no surprise. The band is led by bassist/vocalist Jordan Caress (whose résumé includes backing Tristen and Caitlin Rose) and features Caress’ brother, Little Bandit’s Alex Caress, on synths, Forget Cassettes frontwoman Beth Cameron on guitar, and local ambient auteur Brian Siskind on synth drums. The band is a powerhouse of expertly woven electro-pop aesthetics, jagged, post-punky guitar lines, heartbreaking harmonies and hook-rich tunes. Caress’ stunning voice packs an emotional wallop that brings the band’s ethereal, sulking songs to peaks of transcendence worthy of their influences. (Ponychase is) bound to give international indie faves like Beach House and M83 a run for their m”

“Frontwoman Jordan Caress quite obviously has an affinity for Cyndi Lauper, Sinead O'Connor, Eurythmics and any number of '80s pop and New Wave behemoths, but we're not sure even she realizes just how wonderfully her influences translate. Combine that with the top-notch playing of guitarist Beth Cameron, the moody keyboard prowess of Jordan's brother Alex and the tight, succinct playing of newly added electronic drummer Brian Siskind, and you've got one of The Spin's favorite additions to the local scene.”

"Ponychase creates simple, sinuous melodies and lyrics that wind their melancholy way around the major events in Caress' life, never trying too hard nor backing down. Whatever the challenge, Ponychase finds a way to make it melodic and beautiful, if haunting and sad."