Ponyboy. / Press

“It’s not uncommon to find Charles McVey and David Zey producing some of the Lawrence scene’s loudest (and most gut-wrenching) garage rock at local bars and venues about town. You may have spotted the noisy musicians that make up Ponyboy recently opening for Harvey Milk at the Jackpot; and you can expect to see them at the upcoming 11.11.11 show. But now there’s another place where you can hear some of their music: the adult film industry.”

“Ponyboy, a scuzzy Lawrence two-piece, decorates its noisy garage rock with aggressive and occasionally disturbing lyrics. The band’s most recent release is a demo called Little Dick Demo, which contains the songs “Bro Is the New Word for Faggot” and “God Hates Your Feelings.” I'm not entirely sure what the serious-to-humorous ratio is with these guys, and I think I prefer it that way.”

“Ponyboy I love dirty garage rock, and Ponyboy is about as dirty as it gets. The local duo features a drummer and a screamy little bass player. I love bands that do more with less, which is why I love garage rockers who usually play with little more than a fuzzy bass guitar. The songs were overflowing with self-loathing, and had titles such as “God Hates Your Feelings.” Don’t expect this band to clean up their act anytime soon. They told me they’re currently scoring the music for a Buck Angel porno.”