Pontefractum Melancholicum / Press

"....... I love the amount of analog fuzz that permeates this recording. You can hear the vinyl hiss and pop even though this is a CD. The tracks are short and unpolished but shine with a flame of negative emotions and Satanic pride. Bloody Pomfret is probably not an album I will listen to a lot, but it hits the core of cold, cruel black metal feeling that the aforementioned albums (Gorgoroth/Mysticum/Beherit) gleamed with."

"Noisy and raw, Bloody Pomfret is the epitome of malevolence and is the new EP from the UK's unrelenting black metal misanthrope, Pontefractum Melancholicum. With a hammering drum machine and thin guitar riffs, Slough is caught somewhere between the hellish noise of The Oath Of Black Blood era Beherit and Norway's industrial demons, Mysticum...."

"... EP is based over painfully noisy atmospheres, where the saturated and cyclic riffs are definitely the main responsible for this incredible chaos, the drumming here is simple, straight and unmerciful, which combined with some intense reverberant sound contributes here with an inhuman industrial sound while the vocal work of Doctor consists in possessed, demented and tortured screams, just as we appreciated in its early work with the band’s previous incarnation… As you probably expected, the production here is very dirty and intentionally saturated in order to create an impure aura of chaos and devastation, achieving some remarkable results. Overall “Bloody Pomfret” is a devastating and satanic piece of Black Metal....."

“this chaotic war artifact loading of pure hatred ready to unload all its blasphemy sound hellish weapons in eleven of the most supreme and hellish black metal as allies with vomiting and bloody black passages with well rotted before dark and desperate instruments of pain dense riffs and macabre the drums to give an even more energy to this bestial satanic cult around him and this material devoted to true metal brothers profane”

"...Monk Hill begins with a riff that is eerily similar to Beherit's Gate of Nanna but then blasting black metal intensity is unleashed like a blizzard. Ice Princess begins with a folky black metal riff before veering into hyper-speed black metal melodies, somewhat like a thinner sounding Transilvanian Hunger. It then drops back into the folk style riff for a hint of epic nostalgia..."

"The wall of raw noise emanating from my speakers is an ode to primitive coldness, Pontefractum Melancholicum. At times I am reminded of Ildjarn or Gorgoroth at their noisiest. The title track utilizes a repetitive riff pattern that resembles some stripped down Nordic black metal. The vocals are like vomiting spite. This impression brought straight into the forefront of Sex Blood Vomit. I hear hints of Burzum in the initial riff segments but then it becomes more pounding in style. That tends to disrupt the fluid movement of the main riff. The track then slides into total demonic vocal repetition and more Gorgoroth-esque riffing...."