Pont des Arts / Press

“Pont des Arts are a new name to me, and I suspect to you too. A duo consisting of Canadian's Barry Keighley and Hugh Little who inhabit 'a world where POP is not a dirty word' and - much more to the point - music that is ' awash in strum and jangle'. ……In both performance and production this is a neat piece of work….It sounds a bit like Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper. Sure, it's a totally different song, and a totally different era even, but it terms of style (that relaxed lope and the jangly guitar) and even the way the vocals are pitched. If you are a fellow musician, about the only thing you would get from this is sick, it's that good. It's rare that you get music with all it's ducks in a row, and when you do, you need to treasure it. This is one such track, and probably a name to watch for in the future. Excellent in all respects. Highly Recommended Pop rock. Note: For the full review please go to the RebelRiffs website. ”

“Very intriguing, beguiling sound you guys are creating here..love the traces of electronica creeping thru the arrangements (Sun Will Rise) and nice use of more traditional rock strings on "blue skies" (lovely feelings of VanDyke Parks coming thru on that one). Love your lyrics and the distinctive, cool baritone style of the vocals. Wonderful, enticing melodic pop music!”

"What can I say about Pont des Arts, the enigmatic Canadian duo I stumbled across on the world wide web? As a freeform radio DJ, I get lots of inquiries this way, most of which aren't worth one point-and-click. "To my pleasant surprise, I found the loveliest tunes I’d heard in a long time. Though certain influences resonate (think Lotus Eaters, The Ocean Blue and poppier Cure), their sound is very much their own. Lush and layered with chiming guitars and synthesized effects, this record sounds at least 20 years old, both in style and production. There is a timeless sentiment, also, that takes one back – not just 20 years but perhaps to another century. A truly Romantic release."

“Ponts Des Arts is an Alternative pop duo from Toronto, Canada. It is a duo that does not take the term 'alternative' lightly. When their songs are listened to it sounds like nothing one has heard before, but at the same time comes off comfortable. Their mission is to bring the word 'pop' back into respectable viewing and take it to an age when it was sought after genre. The duo is defiantly into the art scene, so they would appeal to those who love taking art to a new level. Ponts Des Arts is a partnership that is now many years in the making, and a few reinventions of themselves to get where they are now. The songs may come off as almost dream scape in a way. They take the new wave movement pretty seriously and it shows. It is refreshing to hear a sound the is uniquely original. Songs I like are "Rue Marie-Claire Christine," and "Stay Away." Check them out at their website: http://pontdesarts.ca/”

“I cannot gush enough about my favorite new band, Pont des Arts!! So wistful and romantic... I haven't been so excited about something in a long time. We've just added the album into our "rotation" at KALX. Hope you ♥ it as much as I do.”

“Des mélodies calmes et sans superflu, limite berceuse dans “Halos”, mais qui font mouche tant elles sont pleines d’entrain.”

“Re: Halos "Easy breezy, fo' sheezy. I'm thinking of late summer and chilling or strolling around town with the iPod and not a care in the world........"”

"Just as good as the Flabby Canyon Band"! "And they're cleaner too"!